The Skerries Mid Weeker

Obsession Brixham Kevin Wyatt 🐟🐟 To days mid week trip start off bait fishing in the bay with some half decent mackerel and herring in good numbers after half an hour we was on our way down to the SKERRIES with enough bait for the rays .we started off plaice fishing on the ebb tide we fished on the drift till mid day the 2 chaps that charted obsession for the day had 9 plaice in total nice to see some spring plaice the biggest out the 9 was 1LB 12oz .then we put the anchor down for the rays it was a very slow start the 2 chaps ended up with 3 blond ray biggest was 15LB 5oz .if you would like a trip on obsession call the team on ☎ 07964053347 . 🐟🐟🐟 

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