Obsession caters for many different types of angling, Reef, Bank, Wrecking

or even Shark fishing. With many years of experience we will always do our best to put you on the fish. After all how could we be the "Home of Biguns & Whoppers" with out doing so! Please find below our main styles of trips, you can click for full details.

If your interest isn't there please feel free to contact us and we will do everything

possible to accommodate you.


Fishing from Brixham puts you in the ideal place to fish the Skerries bank. Know for fantastic fishing for species like Plaice and Bass.

Plaice can be found on the bank between February and October although earlier in the year they tend to be "thinner" fish after spawning. 


But not to be forgotten is species like Whiting, Huss, Turbot and Rays.

Please contact us for information, price and availability of these trips.

Skerries banks for placie, rays, tubot, tope Etc

£400, individual bookings £45 per person


We are very lucky the English Channel holds an abundance of wrecks. Most of them a sad reminder of the two World Wars. Once proud naval ships, submarines and many cargo ships from many different nations. In fact if it can float or fly over the channel there is bound to be a wreck somewhere! 

These structures are now called home by many fish now including monster Cod, Bass, Pollock and Ling. Lets not forget the Massive 133lb 4oz British Record Conger Eel that was captured from Brixham port.


Please contact us for information, price and availability of these trips.


After all we are the home of the "Biguns & Whoppers" for a reason!

Offshore Wreck fishing £650 for boat booking  at the current fuel prices. Individuals booking £65.

Inshore wreck fishing £500 individuals £50


UK shark fishing has boomed over the recent years, we are lucky to be in the ideal position to target most of the UK's regular shark species from Brixham.

We can cater for all types of shark fishing, either the warm water loving Blues that have made Devon and Cornwall famous or the wreck loving Porbeagle shark. 

Rest assured we will work hard with our fabulous chum trail to help coax these beasts towards your baits!


Please contact us for information, price and availability of these trips. 

Shark fishing based on 6 angler's fishing £110 per person all tackle and chum supplied/included.


Of all the species caught around the coastline of the UK bass is probably the most sought after. Obsession Charters runs dedicated bassing trips from Brixham in South Devon.


Mackerel fishing is fun for all the family and a good introduction in to the world of angling. Mackerel Fishing Trips run from May until early September. All the rods and tackle are provided with free tuition for beginners and children. Keep what you catch, mackerel taste great whether you fry, grill or cook on the BBQ!